Barbara Joy

Soul Records Readings & Clearings - Life Transformation Coach

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Discover Your divine Purpose

"Remember that you were born with aDivine Purpose that only you can fulfill."  -  Anonymous

We all want to know that we matter...what we are doing with our lives matters.  It brings us joy and peace to know our lives are positively impacting others and we are in alignment with our Soul's desire.

Barbara Joy can help you know if you are doing your Divine Purpose or not.  If you're not are you ready to discover what it is


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"A problem can't be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."  -  Albert Einstein

That's where life transformation coaching helps.  So often we're to close to ourselves to see how our conscious mind  ways of thinking & doing & being are keeping us stuck.  Barbara Joy brings insight inspiration compassion and creative tools to the table.  These help you achieve your desired goal!


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Barbara Joy Akashic Soul Records Readings And Clearings

Discover then remover your limiting beliefs   and CREATE A Life You Love!


Studio Joya, LLC  dba Barbara Joy

"Research has proven over 90% of what is causing us struggle in our everyday lives lies in our subconscious mind."  - Gregg Braden

Discover what is in your subconscious that's blocking you to greater :

 - Abundance & Prosperity

 - Health & Wellbeing

 - Happiness & Joy

 - Fulfilling Relationships

Break you patterns of:

  - Addictions

  - Health Abuse

  - Childhood Fears

  - Depression

Reach Your Full Potential:

  - Increase confidence & self-esteem

  - Replace negative thinking with positive

  - More inner peace

  - Achieve your dream!


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Barbara Joy

Life Transformation Coach

Did you know that over 90% of what is creating problems in our day-to-day lives is in our deep subconscious yet we're totally unaware of that fact?  Barbara Joy helps you identify your subconscious blocks then easily remove them!  This helps you become more empowered and move forward in your life with ease & joy!


life transformation coaching

I have benefited from my sessions with Barbara Joy...with significant results.  Her gifts are many.  She is authentic and therein lies her power to help transform the lives of those drawn to her.

Dan R. - California