Barbara Joy’s mission in this life is to help others transform their body/mind/soul so they can live the life they desire and step in to their true potential.  Centered in genuine and heart-centered presence, she facilitates profound physical, mental, emotional, energetic/spiritual and financial shifts.

Joy does this by identifying the limiting beliefs held in your conscious and subconscious minds.  Limiting beliefs prevent you from achieving what you desire and reaching your potential.   Through transmuting and transforming these patterns, she cultivates positive beliefs and bountiful new possibilities. 

Barbara Joy brings to the table tools that easily and
effectively identify and unlock your blocks, while feeding and nurturing your Soul!

"If you recall, the first time we spoke I believe
I was in a lot of emotional pain.  I'd say I've
come a long way! Thank you for all your help
and kindness! I appreciate you."   Susan, Oregon

Internationally recognizable clients have benefitted from working with Joy’s process.

"I truly feel like part of why I was pulled to Sedona was to meet you!  I’ve never seen a women own her gifts and share them so beautifully and powerfully."  Monica, NY

Private and confidential sessions are available in person, phone, Zoom or FaceTime.

Finding Your Path

Barbara Joy

Discover AND remove your limiting beliefs  

TO CREATE A Life You Love!

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“I believe each of us has unique,

Divine Gifts we are meant to share.  Helping other’s embrace and fully express their Gifts assists them in living a fulfilling life filled with happiness, inner peace

and prosperity.”

Barbara Joy

  • Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner
  • Life Transformation Coach &  Mentor
  • Certified Spiritual Restructuring Practitioner
  • Divine Channe
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Certified Pilates Personal Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Writer
  • Business Owner