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Jeshua (Jesus) tells us when we are in the energy of impatience it is because we lack trust.  It also signals we are out of alignment with Universal Laws.  We may be lacking in trust of ourselves, life, others, the Universe.   It’s usually one or more of those items.

In this moment, ask yourself these two questions:

 Do I want to discover and enjoy the sacred jewels and golden nuggets, or force and chase?
Who/what is it I’m not trusting?

 It’s up to each of us to decide whether or not we want to continue the pattern of impatience. 

 If you choose to break the pattern, be patient with yourself as you’re breaking the pattern of impatience.

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What I Discovered  Surprised Me

Have you heard of Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame decrees?  Keeping it simple, Saint Germaine energy is mostly about transformation/ transmutation.  The Violet Flame is his main energetic tool.  Invoking Saint Germaine and saying the Violet Flame decrees creates transformation/transmutation in your life.  Taking this action will dissolve discordant energies and turn them in to positive energies.

I’ve been meditating with Saint Germaine and saying the violet flame decrees for 5 days.  The intention I set was to remove any blocks sharing my writing as well as creating more financial prosperity.   The discordant energy that has shown itself for transformation is Betrayal.  I never would have guessed it would be the block. My meditations and dreams are showing all the people in my life who have betrayed me.  Via this, I believe the Universal Field is communicating the different ways betrayal occurs.  Again, surprising.

Obviously, one type of betrayal is you share something personal with another and they don’t keep it secret.  Many of us have experienced that.

Another type of betrayal is we open our hearts and share ourselves with another. Eventually, they negate us for being who we are.   Many of us have experienced this with our parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, bosses.  We may not see it as betrayal, yet it is.  

Gossip is betrayal.  We are all One and when we verbally negate another, we are negating our ourselves.

We may have shared something in confidence with another because we thought we had that level of trust between us.  They did not hold it in confidence.  Betrayal.

Many of us have experienced loved ones hurting us (physically and/or emotionally and/or mentally and/or financially and/or energetically and/or spiritually).  This is another form of betrayal.  Abuse is a deep betrayal of the heart and Soul.

Most of us Light Workers have had past lives where we have been betrayed, tortured and/or killed for using our Gifts.  Again, betrayal.


 Are you rolling your eyes in recognition of this trait we share?  Have you been impatient most of your life, like so many of us?  Want a tip that may help you curb your impatience? 

 Consider this:  When we are impatient, we miss the sacred jewels and golden nuggets the Unified Field has placed along our path to enjoy and celebrate.  These beautiful jewels and nuggets take form in moments of:  allowing incredible life memories, acquiring deep wisdom, receiving divine inspiration and sacred guidance plus much more. 

 We can choose to experience all of the above versus what many of us do:  force and chase.  When we force and/or chase, we create unnecessary negative stress in our lives.  I’m confident we all know, and have experienced, how the affects of stress dominoes in to the rest of our lives.  It’s not pretty, or fun!  It depletes us.

We all know betrayal happens in big, obvious ways.  It also happens in very subtle, quiet ways.

Then there’s all the ways we betray ourselves:
a)  Giving up our power to others 

     (low self-esteem/fear)
b)  Living our lives for others instead of being our authentic selves
c)  Creating lots of debt
d)  Allowing ourselves to be with people who don’t value or respect us.
e)  Unhealthy eating/drinking habits.

I think betrayal of self is the hardest to see, challenging to heal, and creates a deep Soul wound.    It also reflects a Soul wound.

Isn’t it ironic how easy it is to see how another is betraying themselves and being betrayed, yet so hard to see in our own lives?

I have a strong memory from a marriage:  I was sobbing while telling him “I gave you my heart on a silver platter.  I feel like you and your family sat down with knives and forks and devoured it as if you were at McDonalds!”.    Yes, he betrayed me in many ways but I betrayed myself FIRST.  I allowed my self to be around people who did not value or respect me because I DID NOT VALUE and RESPECT MYSELF!

“Food For Thought” questions:
Am I betraying myself in any way?
Am I betraying another in any way?
If I’m feeling or being betrayed, what is being mirrored to me?

Want to know the two most powerful tools for healing betrayal?  Raise your self-esteem/self love and forgive yourself.   All the rest will fall by the wayside. 

Here’s a great link for more info on Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame:

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